Running Hugo on 2 ports i.e. 80 and 443

Is it currently possible to have the hugo server listen on 2 ports(80 and 443)?

The Hugo server is a development server so currently no SSL support, hence it would make no sense to run it on port 443. And it is one port at a time.

But as Hugo is a static site generator, you can serve the content on any web server you cant on any port you want.

It says i can use this server in production as per –

"Yes, that’s right! Because Hugo is so blazingly fast both in web site creation and in web serving (thanks to its concurrent and multi-threaded design and its Go heritage), some users actually prefer using Hugo itself to serve their web site on their production server!

No other web server software (Apache, nginx, IIS…) is necessary."

My main question is how safe& reliable is this?

I think i just figured out a way to run my main Golang server for website and keep Hugo server for blog on the back.

Don’t know where that quote comes from but Hugo server is not meant for production.

@siredwin I just found the source of your quote and it’s from here.

And it’s amazing how I missed it before.

Maybe @anthonyfok who wrote the “Alternatively, serve your web site with Hugo!” section in the Docs can enlighten us regarding the safety of such an approach.

Personally, I wouldn’t use Hugo Server to actually serve my site. No way.

I think i do trust a well put together Golang server than most. I will run this server in production for my blog and see how it handles in the long run. So far it is just as good and i think it can handle production and it plays well with my main Golang website server.

Yes. But there is no SSL support in Hugo Server.

I agree, would not use Hugo for a production server.

Maybe you could run another web server and do a proxy pass reverse to ports on your local machine (443 with vhosts to 1313, 1314, 1315, etc), but I don’t understand why you would do it. Just put the code on github and use Netlify, you get free SSL and you can do multiple sites