RSS link format for top navigation

Hi folks – since RSSLink is depreciated, I have a question about forming a link to the RSS feed to go in my navigation, not in the head tags. I only want the feed to reference the updates (posts), regardless of where the user is on the site, since the top navigation is ever present. This appears to work, but is it okay to form hard-coded links like this?

<a href="{{ .Site.BaseURL }}updates/index.xml" data-animate-hover="pulse" class="rss" target="_blank">



Sure, but a better solution would be something like this although I haven’t tested it directly.

{{with (.Site.GetPage "/updates").OutputFormats.Get "rss"}}{{.RelPermalink}}{{end}}

Ah, yes, brilliant thanks. That worked.

Great, would you mind marking this as solved? Thanks!

Yes, sorry, forgot to do that!