RSS feed not recognized

I am running Hugo here, and can see that the RSS field is available in index.xml. In the source code of the page, I see this:

<link rel=alternate href= type=application/rss+xml title=Acarg>

Still, if I navigate to my page and try to auto-detect the RSS feed with Feedbro (the Firefox extension), it says “No feed found!”.

I am using almost the default rss.xml, except that I write the whole post in the <description> (instead of the summary). Still even with the default rss.xml, I was seeing the same behavior.

Am I missing something for the RSS feed to work correctly?

PS: I tried to link to my pages and code, but apparently I am not allowed to link to stuff because I’m a new user -_-.

Validate your feed here.

I was able to successfully add as a feed using the Feedbro extension for Firefox.

Right. So it says:

This feed is valid, but interoperability with the widest range of feed readers could be improved by implementing the following recommendations.

    line 1, column 442: Self reference doesn't match document location [help]

And the docs gives more details:

When rel="self", the href attribute is expected to identify a resource equivalent to the containing element.

It seems to me that it is because href points to, but my Firefox is on the https version:

Is there a way to have hugo set http or https correctly depending on what is actually loaded?

What’s the baseURL in your site config?

But both http and https work… and my Firefox goes to https by default. I assume some users may be on http and some on https.

You are serving your site from:

So set your baseURL to:

hmm, I thought I was serving both. But yeah I guess I can point it to https and hope that nobody goes on the http version.

If you’ve configured your hosting setup properly, requests to http should forward to https. Users should never to be able to access http.


Ok! Still not working for me, but I guess it’s maybe some caching somewhere. Anyway I fixed the baseURL!

Thanks a lot!

You should redirect the http: visitors to the secure version. Most browsers frown on http without the s nowadays.

Sure. But even now that I changed the baseURL to https, when I go to (both from Firefox and Brave) and ask Feedbro to find RSS feeds on the tab, it does not find anything.

I need to manually navigate to, but I think that’s not how it is supposed to be, is it?

Either Feedly or NetNewsWire loading and discovering RSS correctly on your site hence there is no issue here.

You need to have a look into specification of Feedbro how it is detecting it by default and do (probably through redirect) a solution.

Because of different tools working differently and that they are not working to common standard I always putting this into my redirect file:

/rss	/index.xml
/feed	/index.xml
/atom	/index.xml
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Oh that’s interesting!

What is this redirect file? I haven’t found documentation about it :confused:

Depend on your hosting
In Netlify it just _redirect file in static folder.