Rss feed description is empty


I tried generating sitemaps and rss.xml and it works, except for a small issue. The rss file’s title is populated, whereas the description is an empty tag.

I am not using any custom rss.xml template in _default as of now.

Here is a portion of the rss, where the description is empty.

title goes here
<pubDate>Sat, 11 Jan 2020 00:14:04 +0530</pubDate>

Please help me find out the issue.
PS: The sites meta description tag is correctly populated with the appropriate content. I assumed if the title tag in rss comes from the title tag from header, then so would description too.

I’m unable to reproduce. Please share your project. :slight_smile:

Hi maiki,

Thanks for the immediate response.
Due to my clients requirement, I am not able to share the entire code repo.

Is it ok, if i send you the config file or any other file you require.

Thanks again.

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You can reproduce the issue in a public project. Copy the parts of the config into a minimal site that reproduces your error, and share that. :sunglasses:

Sure thanks again, will configure one and post it here. Thanks for your time.

don’t know it exactly, the default internal rss uses site.Title for the description.
I have made my own template (uses site.Params.description).

You are free to use it - or other contet you like.