Rotate array

How can i rotate array?

    builds: [1, 2, 3]
        {{ range $key, $value := $json.builds }}
        {{ end }}

^ returns
1, 2, 3

i want:
3, 2, 1

come one :wink: this is a “computer scientist beginner state level” question (joking).

You have the length of your variable builds. (3 items).
You range through $key, $value
LENGTH - $key is the number of the item that is currently last, later on first
add it to a new array
after the range you should have the last item first and the first item last.

On the other side: there is a command sort :wink: range by sort descending instead of ascending through whatever is in your $json.builds array.

I mean “how to reverse array”, sorry

this discussion is duplicate.

original: Reverse Array