Robots.txt and sitemaps

I’ve used the google webmaster tools to analyze my page. It came to several errors. My website is multilingual. No robots.txt could be found.
In the Documentaion I found the hint that the entry enableRobotsTXT = true should be set. The robots.txt is not created. I created the robots.txt in the static folder.

User-agent: *

{{range .Data.Pages}}
Disallow: {{.RelPermalink}}

The sitemaps were created in the directories /de and /en. Google can not find this. The sitemaps should be located in the root directory.

I always hand code mine so I have not used this feature but, if you put it in static, according to the docs it appears you just have to make a normal one. If you want to use template codes it has to go under layout.

See this again? :slight_smile: