Rich text editor

Does Hugo support rich text editors like this one
Can user edit any contents on the Hugo website?

Hugo converts your content – whether markdown or another supported content format – into HTML. So you can use whatever editor you want to edit your content files.
(If this is what you’re asking).

Thank you for the response. My question is not about text editor for building site.
I want to add text box on the page to take content from the user and save that content.
I know it’s a static site. But still wanted to know if this dynamic feature can be possible.

I see. In that case, checkout the docs on frontends for hugo

Thank you for the response. Is it possible to use REST services with Hugo?

That could mean a lot of things. Did you have a specific example in mind?

No. The Hugo binary produces output from templates, and includes some tools to help with web development, but it doesn’t not expose a REST API itself. It may be possible to include Hugo in a chain of tools that work together, and provide REST services, but Hugo itself does not do that. :slight_smile:

Example: Would I be able to call a REST Service to save the content in DB. Say a form submit.

I think you may be misunderstanding static site generators. They use text files, not a DB, for content.

Now, you could do something like this, roughly:

  • present user a front-end
  • they submit a form
  • a REST service takes the form data, updates a content file (markdown, etc), then does a git commit

Also, checkout Forestry (well, looks like it’s already included in the previously linked doc on frontends, nice).

Ok. Thanks for all the information