Retrieving the "environment name"

What are my options to know, which installation I am on - live or development? I want to add debugging (via partial) only on my local running instance, not after deployment.

You need to add HUGO_ENV to your build.
Two ways:
either by adding it to your CLI

$ env HUGO_ENV="production" hugo

Or if you’re on Netlify or other they have their own convenient way to define this.

Then from your templates
{{ getenv "HUGO_ENV" }}
to retrieve the value.

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Thank you, that did the trick. My final snippet looks like this:

{{ if eq (getenv "HUGO_ENV") "production" }}
  {{ partial "footer/debugging.html" . }}
{{ end }}
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I think you mean ne rather than eq :slight_smile:


haha, you are perfectly right. that was copy paste before check and t(a|e)st.