Resources cleaned and not regenerated in 0.52 with --ignorecache --gc

On 0.51 (and previous versions) all is build fine. Especially the resources folder populated by my assets treatments.

I use : hugo --ignoreCache --gc (and server option when developping)

I upgraded to 0.52 and noticed that my resources folder was empty !!

Some testing and hugo <= 0.51 works fine (resources folder full of images and css) and hugo 0.52 do not generate resources with those options. Folder empty.

0.52 works fine with hugo --ignoreCache or hugo --gc alone, but fails with both options in 0.52.

in case you want to see my config :

So, we consolidated all the file caches in Hugo 0.52, which means that all the file caches no behaves the same. So, if you say --ignoreCache … Hugo does not cache. So the behaviour you describe is as expected. If you want more fine grained conrol, you need to use the new caches configuration.

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OK. Got it. Thanks a lot.