Resizing image in publicaton detailed view

My thumbnail image is 200x300 px, but in publication detailed view is huge. I try to use advice from here, but no result. I can’t see any changes when I edit MY_SITE/themes/academic/layouts/partials/publication_li_detailed.html
EDIT: I’m using academic theme


I am the original poster of the question you referred to. Maybe it helps to look into the other partial files like page_header.html or publication_li_*.html.

Which do you want to change exaclty?

I wish to change dimensions of featured image in detailed view. It is huge.

I believe this is page_header.html, line 39
{{ $image := $featured.Fill (printf “680x500 q90 %s” $anchor) }}

It is really recommended to create a copy of this file in YOUR_SITE/layouts/partials/page_header.html. Try changing this one (680x500 to something smaller).


Yes! Thank you so much, for answer and for quick reaction.