Resize image from front matter

Hi I’m trying to resize an image from Front matter but can’t manage it

here is my snippet

{{ if  (isset .Params "cover")   }}
  <img class="Article-Image Image" src="{{ .Params.cover }}" alt="{{ .Title }}" />
{{ end }}

I was trying to do {{ .Params.cover.Resize "192px" }}

I have tried to understand how it was done here , but does not work for me

What exactly did you try to do according to that post that did not work for you?

I have used her solution

{{ with .Params.image }}
    {{ with ($.Site.GetPage (path.Dir .)).Resources.GetMatch (path.Base .) }}
        {{ $r := .Resize "240x" }}
        <img src="{{ $r.RelPermalink }}">
    {{ end }}
{{ end }}

and replace .Params.image with .Params.cover it looks like this part {{ with ($.Site.GetPage (path.Dir .)).Resources.GetMatch (path.Base .) }} does not work when I try to print something in it, I’m working on a single page