Render Hooks Doesn't work in Frontmatter

I am using some paragraphs in my frontmatter and added a link render hook to take title as a ref. But I doesn’t render in my frontmatter paragraphs. Why?

Render Hooks work only in Markdown Content.

Front Matter is not Markdown and as such it is not processed by Goldmark -the library used by Hugo to process Markdown input-.

You need to include the paragraphs at the body of the content file, below its Front Matter.

Also: markdownify does not use renderhooks. you need to use RenderString to convert a string while using a renderhook.

This means: Look at your frontmatter parameter, then check your layout files where the parameter is used. If it says something like {{ frontmatterparameter}} there, try {{ frontmatterparameter | RenderString }} there (not sure if that is the right way, use the documentation).

Your problem is not the frontmatter, it’s the layout that uses the frontmatter.

It doesn’t work! :frowning:

@alexandros is there any change of this feature coming in new updates?

@yousafblogger Can you please provide a complete example? Your problem statement is unclear, and there is no context.

That is not very specific. What did you do in which file and what happened?