Removing the footer from the main documentation theme

I just discovered Hugo two days ago and then started work on the documentation theme at - more specifically,

I was wondering how do I go about editing like removing or adding contents to the footer? I found ways of editing items like the sidebar or Header and other menu items but haven’t found anything for the footer. I’ve looked at the layouts folder, ‘grep(ed)’ the whole theme for likely terms but to no avail. It seems to be fetching from a git repository but for the love of me I can’t figure out how do I work on it!

Could anyone please give directions on how do I go about it? Any hint on what folder or file do I need to look at?

Any links or resources would also help so I can delve into it deeper. Attached is the pic of the footer.

the first place to search is layouts/_default/basof.html

Here will come all parts together. This looks like this

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html {{ with site.Language.Lang }}lang="{{ . }}"{{ end }} >
{{ partial "meta" . }}
<body class="site">
{{ partial "aside" . }}
{{ partial "navigation" . }}
{{ block "main" . }}{{ end }}
{{ partial "footer" . }}

Depending on the used structuresof the pages, the used CSS classes are some places to add something.

You can put this in the templates at top

{{ print "<!-- template name -->" | safeHTML }}

to see what is going on.

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Thank you @ju52 for the answer. It looks like I must have done something wrong from my end as the repo that I cloned has a layouts folder BUT no _default folder to speak of.

It has the following folders:

  • maintenance
  • partials
  • shortcodes

When I go to the partials folder, I see a maintenance-pages-table.html file, which doesn’t have what I’m looking for.

I’ve think this perhaps is the main source of the theme I’m looking for >

Let me clone this one, go through the process again and see what happens. Under the partials folder, it seems to have a footer html file too, which I think might be what I’m looking for - I will look into it and get back!

Thanks a lot for the reply and answer.