Reference front matter data from filename

I am working on looping through a data file that will contain references to two pages on my site.

And I am wondering how to best reference these pages in a range or loop?
As filenames?

I will need to be able to pull data from the front-matter of each of these pages, but will also want to mix in new data.

For example, with the following data file, how would I get the permalink for the file mentioned?

Here is the data file:

  - file          : ""
    title         : 'Thinking About Going Agile? 5 Benefits Your Office Will Reap With Agile Methods'
    summary       : 'Five benefits of using agile methodologies that can help federal employees improve the quality of their work.'
  - file          : ""
    title         : 'Another Headline'
    summary       : 'summary'

Here is the range code that I am playing with:

{{ range .Site.Data.top2.top2 }}
<a href="{{ .url }}" title="{{ .title }}">{{ .title }}</a>
{{ end }}

Probably GetPage. like

{{ range .Site.Data.top2.top2 }}
  {{ with $.Site.GetPage "page" "sectionname" .file }}
      {{ .Permalink }}
    {{ end }}
{{ end }}

edited to make clear it was in the original range