Redirecting content to another Hugo site


I would like to redirect my 2020 content to another Hugo site which is running on localhost:56735 (for example), what could be the best solution for that?

–liveReloadPort 56735

Please RTFM :wink:

sorry, but that’s not what I’m trying to achieve. I want to simply redirect the 2020 content to another site. I tried externalURL and it doesn’t seem to work.

nothing out of hugo’s box

If all runs on the same computer, create a symbolic link between the directories

in Linux use ln
In Windows use mklink
Mac ? don’t know - like Linux?

On a production server (Apache, NGINX, etc.) you would create rewrite rules (pattern matching) then redirect to the new URL while issuing a meaningful HTTP status code (typically 301).

Though discouraged, you could also use the “meta refresh” approach:

Here’s an example that redirects the browser to another domain for every “post” on the site.

In layouts/_default/baseof.html (or wherever you have defined the <head> element of your pages):

{{- if eq .Type "post" -}}
  <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL='{{ .RelPermalink }}'" />
{{- end -}}

If you host your site on Netlify this can be easily done:

 from = "/blog/2020/*"
 to = ""
 status = 200
 force = true

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