Recursive Hugo modules update seems too snoopy

For a while now (since around 0.91 I think) running hugo mod get -u ./... results in the following:

Update module in /home/patrick/Projects/dnb-org/
Update module in /home/patrick/Projects/dnb-org/

While the first line is expected, the second line points to netlify-cli, that I installed via npm install netlify-cli. It is nowhere linked in my go.mod/go.sum files. I understand that the ./... means to check recursive, but (1) shouldn’t Go (or Hugo) update only referenced modules and (2) ignore library folders like node_modules by default?

(repo is here but will probably fail to compile at the moment)

FWIW I noticed the same behavior with exampleSite in my modules. The main repo (top-level) has no reference to the exampleSite but hugo mod get -u ./... recurses into exampleSite.

I admit to curiosity about whether this is a new go mod behavior or accidental.

I don’t currently have a non-updated repo to post here though; I’ve already applied the updates.