Recommendation for blog structure

What is the preferred structure for blog posts nowadays?

If I was to choose to use a sub-folder or a section after the slug, how would I do that in Hugo?

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There really is no preferred structure; it’s all over the map. Often, it’s governed by what a site previously had while on, say, WordPress, but if you’re starting from scratch you can go with whichever you think looks best. The key will be to keep consistency going forward so your URLs will, ideally, never change; thus, pick something you’ll want to have going forward.

As for the question about “a sub-folder or a section after the slug,” that’s like anything else in your content management. So, if you want something like, you just have content/post/article_name/subfolder/ or something like that. You may want to refer to the Hugo documentation on sections or, if I may suggest it, something I wrote for CloudCannon (they chose the title :grinning:).

You can set your content structure in that format or set the permalinks in your configuration file to include a section name. @bwintx covered everything else I would have said.

Personally, my blog section has the URLs as permalink/slug since that is the format I chose in WP before moving to Jekyll then Hugo. But my content structure is section/nested-section/ or section/nested-section/article/ I have another section which the folder structure determines the URL structure since it contains articles in different chapters.

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If it is a blog only, I would personally prefer In this case, the address does not have to indicate that it is an article or a blog. That should be clear from the page itself.

If it is a page that offers a blog, among other things, I would use blog.domain/article_title.

Personally, I would also run the page without www. In my opinion, that is no longer necessary nowadays.

But basically, in my opinion, there is no right or wrong. I am not an SEO expert. But I guess that, for example, is just as good as if the content of the article is relevant.

In my opinion, that is often the problem. Often, countless articles are published on the same topic without added value, so that as a site operator, one should not be surprised that one’s article does not appear on the first page of Google’s search results.

Drop www. and redirect to the apex domain.

I am personally fond of the old date based url structures for articles/posts in editorial content. I often look for a published date before anything else, but now that most content is served on mobile devices that hide the URLs, and SEO is back to being a dark art, a simple /posts/category/post-title is as complex as most should get (unless you have a high publishing volume or complex needs).

I do appreciate a webpage/blog with a nice scaffold like url structure that is just simple.

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Just a contrarian opinion re www vs. non-www:

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It was just an example. No need for www

I think I’ll use for posts

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