Ranging/listing content from multiple sections while omitting content with certain tags (Solved)


I think this is fairly complex and I couldn’t quite find the answer in template functions.

I have a Home Page that lists the ten latest pages from three different sections. Right now I’m using type = "post" in content frontmatter to identify these pages. The range looks like this:

{{ range (.Paginate (where .Data.Pages.ByDate.Reverse "Type" "post")).Pages }}
   <li><a href="{{ .Permalink }}">{{.Title}}</li></a>
{{ end }}
{{ partial "pagination.html" . }}

What I would like to do is:

  1. Instead of using type I would like to use Sections (to avoid superfluous additional frontmatter). I know how to list content from one section, but how do I list from all three?
  2. Below the above mentioned list theres a space for featured pages from the three sections. These are identified by special tags (all named featXXX, where XXX varies) in content frontmatter. How do I ommit these featured pages from the first list?

Find the solution here