Range over i18n

I want to iterate over my i18n translations. Given an i18n/en.toml:

other = "What?"

other = "You Can Rely on Us"

other = "Contact Us"

other = "Why Us?"

other = "Another"

… can I use range against the i18n values? This did not work, to filter for and iterate over just the i18n values that contain “top”:

{{ range where i18n "in" "top"}}
    {{ . }}
{{ end }}

I want to use this to build some repeating structure like a <ul> or grid, with a set of translations with a common substring.

Any help appreciated! :slight_smile:

I have an idea. If I find a way to loop until reaching a specific number, I can perhaps name the translations I want to loop over with that number in the name.