Range by .Params.type not going through


Maybe I’m doing something wrong here. I am trying to show two types of different posts in the same list.

This is one:

type: "news"
category: "publishing"
date: "2018"

This is the other:

type: "news"
category: "universe"
date: "2019"

I’m trying to show only the last two of those like this:

{{ range first 2 (where .Site.RegularPages "Type" "news") }}
{{ if or (eq .Params.categories "publishing") (eq .Params.categories "universe")}}
{{ .Title  }} {{ .Content }} ...

Doesn’t work. It shows only one, the universe one, which is from this current year.

Why wouldn’t range show me the one from 2018? Is it because there is another post from this year, in other category, so range doesn’t grabs the post from 2018 from “publishing”?

If I change the date from 2018 to 2019, it shows, but what will happen in the future with these posts only showing the current year?

It may be because .Params.categories is not a string, but an array of strings.

So instead of eq try in