Randomly select a class from data

Hi all,

I want to colorize my blog by selecting colors randomly.

So I created a data file colorschemes.yaml where I define a list of color combinations like this: color:bgcolor

- dark-red: white
- black: white
- gold: white

From this list I want to select one combination randomly and put it somewhere in my html:

<div class="$color $bgcolor">Foobar</div>

I tried several things to select these strings randomly, using range, shuffle, first 1, but I failed.

One popular error was:

 error calling shuffle: can't iterate over map[string]interface {}

But I’ve got several other error messages.

I am sure that the solution is dead simple, Can someone give me a hint?

shuffle only supports array/slice. your colorschemes combinations are array of objects.

so we need to shuffle the index of each combination instead.

{{ $combinations := .Site.Data.colorschemes.combinations }}
{{ $random := int (delimit (first 1 (shuffle (seq 0 (sub (len $combinations) 1)))) "") }}

{{ $class := "" }}

{{ range $color, $bgColor := index $combinations $random  }}
  {{ $class = print $color " " $bgColor }}
{{ end }}

{{ $class }}
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You might want to add the code that is shuffleing. I think whats possible is this yaml type:

  - color: dark-red
    bg-color: white
  - color: black
    bg-color: white
  - color: gold
    bgcolor: white

This way you can properly call $color and $bgcolor (at least in a range command).