[QUESTION FOR PUBLISHERS] Github Prose Diffs for GH Pages Site built with Hugo?

Just discovered rendered prose diffs. Mind. Blown.

I think this underscores just how powerful a CMS GitHub is right out of the box for publishing static sites. This means GitHub in and of itself could act as a simple CMS layer for Hugo, especially now that it has a sorta “tracked changes” feature that could help content creators/authors/reviewers/editors move off the Word/docx dependency. I know there are workarounds for Word with SSGs (eg, Pandoc, Ben Balter’s projects in Ruby), but I’d like to avoid Word from the beginning and use GH as the content repository with Hugo/Wercker for the actual build.

Is it possible to leverage this functionality in a GH pages site with Hugo? Any direction from anyone would be highly appreciated as I continue to develop some POCs for my organization’s main publishing site. Thanks!