Published Hugo GitHub Actions by forum user cshoredaniel

I may regret this, but I have published a free GitHub Action in the Marketplace for auditing for silent errors based on the initial post by jmooring with some additional elbow grease.

The Markeplace entry is:

I hope this proves useful to folks.


It seems excessive to start a new post for each GitHub action I publish, so here is another free GitHub Action for verifying internal (and optionally external) links. This helps avoid embarrassing internal 404’s and for checking all links, if you do a check on a periodic basis you can be aware of when URLs to which you link have moved or disappeared and fix your pages accordingly. I don’t recommend failing on external link errors though because they are not under your control.

The Marketplace entry is:

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And one more, this one for validating the output HTML using the tool ‘html-validate’ from npm. ‘html-validate’ is highly configurable and I find it very helpful for developing layouts and themes (and sometimes detecting ‘peculiarities’ for particular content with a given theme).

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