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I’ve just started creating a personal website, using Academic and GitHub hosting. I was testing how the contents of the site appear in an incognito browser window.

To my surprise, if in this window I navigate to, I get to see all of my site’s files, even if (not being logged in) I cannot make changes.

I must’ve probably missed some obvious security setting! Is it possible to make my site’s files not be publicly visible, or at least not forkable/editable?

Thanks for any help!

Hi there! Welcome to the Hugo forums.

I’m guessing that you’re using Github Pages for hosting, as per Host on Github. Let me know if those assumptions aren’t right!

The setting you’re looking for is to make the repository private but I don’t think that works with Github Pages.

I guess this repository would contain the output of Hugo, i.e., the generated site. Is that right? If so, is it really a problem whether people can see it or not? People would also theoretically be able to download these files directly from your website using a tool like wget – unless your website has secret pages that should only be accessible by guessing the URL.

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Thank you so much for your reply, your assumptions were correct (should have clarified them in my question), and it is indeed the case that this is not the security concern it appeared at first glance to be :slight_smile:

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