Problem with highlight shortcode

So I’m getting a problem with highlight shortcode, maybe it’s a layout issue, but on phone screens it breaks the page. It adds a horizontal scroll, and also literally cuts off the left side of the page (it’s impossible to scroll there, you can see it on the screenshot).

I’ve already tried playing with .highlight , for example, setting overflow-y: auto; or something like that, but it didn’t work.
What really helped was @media with lowering the font-size, but I think this is too bad and the problem appears again if the code in the shortcode is long. I also tried to wrap it, but it didn’t lead to anything.

Here is the code where I am using shortcode, and layout for single page

And I don’t really understand if this is really related to styles or if it’s a shortcode bug.

Yes, it is.

No, it is not.