Problem with a link

I have a page in the content/home directory with a link: Experience >>. In the content I have experience folder with page. However, when the link is clicked, I get: 404 page not found.

I tried also by putting in the root of the content directory, with the link /, but it is the same.

I see that in the public directory, experience directory with index.html exists. But, when I hit mysite/experience I get 404 not found.

Any help ?

btw, I’m using Academic theme for Hugo (

You can make a link using Markdown:

[Experience >>](/experience/)

or using a shortcode:

[Experience >>]({{< ref "experience" >}})

Ref / relref doc:

The link is good, I get http://mysites/experience/ when I click it, but why I get 404 not found. I have in the content directory, I event put experience directory with in the content directory.

As I said, I even see this folder/file in the generated public/experience/index.html.

So my question is, how it is possible to have public/experience/index.html and on url http://mysite/experience I get 404 not found ?

Perhaps an Apache DirectoryIndex problem? Have a look at: mod_dir - Apache HTTP Server Version 2.4

I’m using Windows.

Please share a link to your site’s code. This is hard to debug if we only have the theme you’re using.