Prioritize Section template rendering before Type

Right now when you have content stored in a section but define it as a different type, the type will be used for rendering the content. I found this unituitive, but is useful for file organization purposes.
It could be useful when you want to group your content into sections named after categories, but treat them all as blog posts. But this is still supported if templates for the section aren’t found, they would fallback to the type.

The reason for doing this would be to have content be aggregated with other content belonging to a different section/type, but allowing its format to be customized/altered. Right now the work around for this is to add extra logic which complicates templates quickly.

(Although intially I run into this problem when I was defining the type as ‘meta’ to be hidden in certain contexts. I just have a ‘meta’ parameter now.)

There are a couple concepts at play here, aggregation/grouping and rendering. Maybe it would be better to add another paramter to specify how content is rendered as?

It seems like I have things backwards?

Type determines the rendering, but doesn’t determine the aggregation.

So, I think we need a section parameter exposed to override the physical location of the content.