Printing a documentation page

Can anyone suggest an approach for printing the currently displayed documentation page? Our platform has a widget for this. Clicking the “printer” icon opens the system print dialog; you can set the destination to either a real printer or “Save as PDF”.

The problem is that the output is not clean, even when de-selecting options for printing headers/footers and background graphics. The output shows the vertical scrollbar as well as a repeated “header” that shows the page hierarchy (breadcrumbs), and sometimes text lines are omitted (they fall into the crack between pages).

Our portal was built by a third party, so I don’t know what’s behind this icon. But I need to replace it with something that works properly, i.e., real second-channel publishing to a printer. It needs to work on both Windows and macOS.

Thanks for any and all ideas!

Dedicated CSS for printing may help:

Also, should be consulted – some browsers, notably FF and Safari, only implement part of the printing CSS facilities.

Thank you!

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Thanks for the advice.