{{(print $small.RelPermalink)}} appears in an ambiguous context within a URL

So I’ve looked at a couple other posts on here about the same problem, and I can’t seem to figure it out – I want https://github.com/jasikpark/jasik-xyz/blob/add-new-hugo-version-workflow/layouts/shortcodes/img.html to process my images and produce an img tag with a srcset attribute, which works on release 0.62.0 but not on HEAD.

Hi there,

0.62.0 is the latest release. I suggest sticking with this until a new version is released.

Understandable – I’m trying to build my site with the docker image on Github Actions so that I can get notifications when there’s a new breaking change for my site. Which means that I have to build against HEAD, unless I’m mistaken.

I don’t personally use either of those, so I can’t comment specifically about having to build against HEAD.

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