Prevent Rebuild of TailwindCSS via Po

TailwindCSS requires running through PostCSS. This works great; however, what I would like to do is reduce the 3-5 second buildtime required for non-changing tailwind assets. For example, notice I’ve split up the following [app] vs. [tailwind] css files. Each of these generate relevant /resources/gen/...*; however, changing anything in the app.scss still compiles tailwindCSS (which hasn’t changed).

What’s the best way to cache this after first build?

{{- $tailwindCss := resources.Get "assets/css/tailwind.scss" | resources.ToCSS | postCSS -}}
<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ $tailwindCss.RelPermalink }}">

{{- $appCss := resources.Get "assets/css/app.scss" | resources.ToCSS -}}
<link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ $appCss.RelPermalink }}">

The current algorithm for cache invalidation is rather crude (I have working branch not too long before it’s done that improves this; with that both the SASS and Tailwind process will know about its dependencies/import and refresh only when needed) …

Currently we rebuilds all CSS if a CSS or CSS related file is changed. This includes SASS/SCSS files, which is unfortunate in your case. I don’t know a current way around it, but it will improve.

Not a problem. I totally saw that in the code. Just wanted to make sure that wasn’t something in place for this. In fact, it’s less of a problem if you go full tailwindCSS - Why? well you shouldn’t be touching CSS anymore. Tougher in cases where tailwind is intermixed with other heaving tooling CSS. Nonetheless, appreciate the quick feedback. Cheers.