Prettify output with s3deploy?

Hi there, s3deploy already runs HTMLProofer and i wondered if this deploy method could somehow also be configured to “prettify” the generated files? Others have raised questions about the output files, e.g.:

I think this would be very a welcome feature.

I recognize that s3deploy is a separate project from Hugo itself, but i couldn’t think of a better place to raise this question.

I think you should use that project’s issue queue. We only let bep write the software, we don’t field questions for em here.

That was partially a joke, but I do think your questions belongs over there. :slight_smile:

Ok thanks, i just did that.

On a related note, could this instead be a feature request for Hugo itself? Maybe something like GoHTML could provide a starting point? I have no idea; just asking. Would be cool to see something in the site’s config.yaml file like:

prettifyOutput: true

Thanks Hugoers.

Not going to happen with s3deploy. Marking as solved.

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