Presenting stop motion art project

10 years ago I made a marble track out of popsicle sticks and glue. After posting it online, people asked for a tutorial on how to make one.

Marble Track 3 is a website dedicated to that answer.

I am making a stop motion animation of characters making a marble track out of popsicle sticks and glue.

1) I want the site to focus primarily on the characters making the site. They are answering the question “how do you make a marble track?” To that end, I have created pages for each character, and pages for each part of the marble track. These pages are linked with meta data in the frontmatter.

I need help presenting the pages / site / project in a understandable way. It is a weird project, which take some time to explain. At minimum, I think the (above-linked) character and parts pages should be presented in order by create/edit date, with optional sort-override if possible.

There are MANY more parts pages to come!

2) I want the site to secondarily focus on my time spent on creating the animation. I have 250+ hours of livestream which answer the question “how did you make an animation of them making the marble track?”

I need help making the /episode/ link be /episodes/ for the index and /episode/episode-name for the specific pages.

I also need help making subdirectories show subset of episodes. is a page. and should be index pages.

3) Helping with SEO and finding my niche audience would be a great help as well.

Source of the site is available at


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@thunderrabbit - We are interested and available to start the work on this requirement. We have completed one website using Hugo and currently working on another. I can share the URLs in PM.

Our portfolio can be checked at and you can contact me via - Let’s send a message to me and then we can discuss the requirement and will work together.

Sanjay Kumar

Dear Rob @thunderrabbit - Thanks for your email. I have responded your email with my initial thoughts. Please check and respond my email. Thanks in advance.

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