Prefetching Pages over HTTPS?

I’ve not used Hugo much lately and have missed a lot news and updates. I’m still running v13 locally too.

Last time I was Hugoing I was using RelPermalink inside range data.pages to preload the next page of my website. But it breaks the S in HTTPS because RelPermalink loads HTTP. Is there currently a better way to this?

{{ range first 1 .Data.Pages }}
    <link rel="prefetch" href="{{ .RelPermalink }}/">
{{ end }}

Nb: Despite being out of the hugo loop for a little while, it only takes 1 run of hugo server to remember my true love for it. Seriously, it’s still the benchmark. Congrats and thanks to everyone who keeps making it better and better. I can’t wait to upgrade to v14.

Set canonifyUrls=false. See