PostCSS error with `{} not supported in Resource transformations`

Hi there, I’m simply trying to pass my CSS through postCSS autoprefixer by following way:

{{ $style := resources.Get "/css/style.css" | resources.PostCSS (dict "use" "autoprefixer" "noMap" false) }}

But I’m getting following error – just last line of error:

Rebuild failed:
… <resources.PostCSS>: error calling PostCSS: type map[string]interface {} not supported in Resource transformations

Is I’m doing something wrong here? I tried removing "noMap" true or to "noMap" false but same error.

Technical info Hugo Static Site Generator v0.63.1/extended linux/amd64 BuildDate: unknown

So, the line you posted looks correct … are you sure that is the exact line the error points to?

Yes it’s correct as I just copied and pasted it here

OK, I just got confused by the same error message, see

The thing is resources.Get "/css/style.css" in your case returns nil (not found).

Also keep in mind that in my case I’m using static directory.
My theme directory structure looks like


That does not work, put it inside assets.

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Oh that’s the problem. TY!