[Poll] Which templating language do you use?

I’m giving a talk in a few weeks about Hugo and I’m curious to know which templating languages people use with Hugo, or specifically if anyone uses the alternative template languages.

On any given project, which templating engine would you choose? If you use one of the alternatives, I’d love to see comments about why and what projects.

  • Go/Hugo
  • Ace
  • Amber

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I love Go templating because for me at least it feels very much at home (being an Emacs/Emacs-Lisp fan) … it looks very much like Lisp to me.

I have talked about that earlier in these forum here and here, which have small examples on how Go templates look like a Lisp :slight_smile:

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I tested out Ace at some point – and I like how it looks, but it is indentation based, so it’s hard to get right without proper IDE support. Like YAML.

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Tough crowd! :slight_smile:


I’m not trying to be presumptive, but I feel like there’s a clear winner here…

Poor Ace and Amber. :frowning: