Pluralize function base on number argument

According to the docs, here’s how the pluralize function works now:

{{ "cat" | pluralize }}

Can I make it such that it only pluralize if a number passed along with it is greater than one. That is:

{{ "cat" 1 | pluralize }} -> cat


{{ "cat" 3 | pluralize }} -> cats

Yes, but not with the syntax you’ve provided above. From where are you pulling this number?

That number is actually meant to be the .ReadingTime variable. What I really want to achieve is display 1 minute and not 1 minutes while I pluralized minutes on the rest of the numbers

I don’t think this is the best use case for pluralize, really. I’d set up a simple if statement instead:

{{$rt := .ReadingTime}}
{{ $rt }} minute{{if gt $rt 1}}s{{end}}
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Thanks @rdwatters . This is a great solution

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