Plainify doesn't work

I’m always looking for fringe cases, and finding them. Is there a reason why in this:

{{ $author := }}
{{ $cite := .Attributes.cite }}
<blockquote{{with $cite}} cite=“{{$cite|plainify}}”{{end}}>{{ .Inner|markdownify }}{{ if or $author $cite }}<figcaption><cite>{{with $author}}<strong>{{.| markdownify }}</strong>{{end}}{{with $cite }} in {{$cite}}{{end}}</cite></figcaption>{{end}}

plainify would not work ?
I tried to insert {{ [here I copied the content of $cite] | plainify}} and it worked.
But using the variable doesn’t.
Instead, it plainifies nothing and if I put html code in cite, what happens is one hell of a mess. The code generated is actually just as I wrote it, with the full <details> complete with its figure inside the opening blockquote tag (<blockquote cite= “HEEEERE”>) but only the figure is rendered, with a trailing ">. Then again in the element down below, working as intended.
So figure is rendered twice.

I solved my issue.
I used a shortcode, not inline html code, so since the code is expanded seemingly after applying plainify, the function removed nothing. Beside, it didn’t display the details element but the picture, which makes sense, so I was wrong two times in a row :wink: