Pipes asset minification (JSON) of a data template

I don’t know if this is possible or out of scope for the great new Hugo Pipes.

Until now, I’ve been using Gulp to minify a JSON file in the /data folder (besides several Sass/JavaScript tasks which are now gone thanks to Pipes). My project uses something like this to create a simple dictionary from a data file:

*gulp tasks*
{{ range .Site.Data.dictionary }}

This works fine and creates my dictionary from the /data/dictionary.json file.

Skipping some details, this is what I would like is to do instead:

{{ $jsonSource := resources.Get "dictionary.json" }}
{{ $dictionary := $jsonSource | resources.Minify }
{{ range .Site.Data.$dictionary }}

The above obviously does no good.

The thought of {{ $dictionary.Permalink }} in all this is slightly confusing, since this creates public/dictionary.min.json.

Is there any way to take advantage of assets minification of a data template file like this?

Giving this a second thought, perhaps it is pointless to minify a data template since it will be compiled by Hugo giving the same output nonetheless? :thinking:

If so, I realize (now) that minifying the compiled HTML document might be the better thing to do if I want to squeeze those extra bytes.