Picture element

Please, can we get support for picture elements, that would require Hugo to generate several scaled down versions of the images. A good overview to the subject can be found here:

Truly responsible images would save bandwidth and resources, that are often limited in handheld devices. I’m considering creating a photography-oriented template, but currently it could easily result resource-hungry sites.

I’ve been thinking about doing this in Gulp instead, scaling different version of an original image. Not sure if it belongs in Hugo or not.

I feel that later on when hugo gets support for external handlers, a shortcode can be made that generates the layout for the picture but also calls the external handler to generate the different sizes of the image.

I don’t think the full functionality belongs to hugo itself, but I feel that hugo needs to support (in a generic way at least) these features.

Well, for me it’s not a problem to write an external script, which would generate lower resolution versions of new and changed photos, and even make a custom fork of Hugo, which would ensure, that the picture element gets there. Actually I would let Go to take care of resizing stuff, because it has Image package included as part of the standard library.

Having a proper photography support out of box would be a great thing. That would make the workflow simpler for us and easier for less technical people.

Would love to have hugo generate several scaled down versions of images.

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I think there’s no reason not to do this. It’s just a matter of figuring out the right way to design the interface and hook it in at the right time.

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