Persistent Link or "ID" for a page

I recently started implementing Hugo for a markdown based knowledge base since it allows us to keep the content in a git repository. On thing that is a challenge currently is that users of the existing knowledge base (where we come from) basically are used to moving articles around etc as they fit better into topics etc. Of course that breaks the links between pages which is somewhat annoying and thus i searched for possibilities.

What i do currently as a kind of workaround: I wrote a generator for new pages which writes the frontmatter into a markdown file along with a unique id as alias like this:

    - "/U5DUmrDuaKmZn5r41QTl"

then i simply provided the links to the page not with the permalink but rather this id to keep the reference always working. Is this the only way to generate a “persistent” link?

Thanks in advance for your replies!

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Yes, go with that.

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Ok thanks.