Permalinks behavior

Using v0.72.0 on macOS. I am experiencing a weird permalink generation behaviour that has me stumped. Currently on my config.toml:

  content = "/:year/:month/:day/:slug/"

All my content is under /content/.

The entry/post example name and YAML header are:

date: 2003-01-18T18:14:57-05:00
title: "Iraq, are we going to war?"
tags: ["iraq","bush"]
categories: ["politics"]
description: ""

I would expect the generated site to be:

   |-> 01
        |-> 18
             |-> iraq-are-we-going-to-war
                                        |-> index.html

Instead, I am getting:

                                    |-> index.html

What am I doing wrong?

  "/" = "/:year/:month/:filename/"
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Duh! I blame my English comprehension skills for this blunder. Thank you very much!

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