Permalinks and index of section

(1) I have a permalink set in the config for a section, but I would like to prevent the section index from being generated.

/content/event -> Undesired index here as well as an extra result in the range by type event.


I originally had:

(2) content/calendar/event

and I wanted to point the permalink to the event folder and have it not apply to the calendar index.

I think I would prefer (2), but I don’t see how to point, or if its possible to point, to the event subdirectory only with the permalink in the config.

I realized that if I get rid of the _default/list.html then using (1) I no longer have the index generated. As I am still new to Hugo I’m not sure if this is what I want in the long term, but it works for now. I’d still love to hear if I can be more specific somehow with permalinks.