Passing Vars to Paritals & Scope

So unfortunately the simple answer to doing this isn’t the anywhere in the top results, so from buried in the docs:

Use a dictionary to pass vars to a partial:

{{ partial "myPartial.html" (dict "key1" "value1" "key2" $value2) }}

Now for related question. To access the variables in the partial you use the form {{ .key1 }}. Simple enough.

But what I don’t understand is why does that variable become undefined inside a range in the partial? Ex:


{{ .key1 }} // works fine
{{ range $currItem := .key2 }} // this also works for key2
  {{ .key1 }} // but now key1 is null
  {{ $.key1 }} // but with the $. notation, it works.
{{ end }}



Have a read here about the dot context:

Ahh, missed this one bit of it:

Inside of an iteration, however, it will have the value of the current item in the loop; i.e., {{ . }} will no longer refer to the data available to the entire page.

I was thinking of it like a more typical programming loop, its iteration variables wouldn’t live outside the loop, but the vars from before the loop would be in it’s scope. My bad


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