Partials being updated doesn't update markdown file when the partial is included with `mdpartial`

I found a shortcode at some point :tm:, that lets me include partials into a markdown file:

{{ partial (.Get 0) . }}

I’m currently using it for a project list. The TL;DR: is just that it’s an HTML partial with some divs and some text. The relevant portion of my markdown file is then just:

# Projects

{{< mdpartial "projects.html" >}}

Now, if I make and write changes to projects.html, the site reloads. However, no changes are made to the resulting index.html.

The actual problem here is that if I make changes to the partial, the markdown file that includes it isn’t updated. If I make changes to the markdown file, or even the config, it rebuilds and works fine.

Is this a bug, or is there some “secret” option somewhere that makes rebuilding work as expected here? I tried with --disableFastrender, but updates still aren’t reflected.

Also, this isn’t like SCSS (… which of course started working when I updated to 0.87 and asked a question using it as an example) where changes don’t result in a reload even though the changes are committed - I need to change another file or do a complete rebuild to see the changes I’ve made reflected. This caused some confusion with where the “fault” lied earlier, when I made changes to display a variable I’ve defined in my config, but it didn’t actually display. The site reloaded, so I assumed the changes were properly made, but turns out no updates are made to the file generated from the markdown file - at all. Doesn’t matter if I manually reload the website, I need an entire manual rebuild or to update an applicable file for it to display properly. (this largely just means nudging the timestamp to trick hugo into thinking it’s dirty)

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