Partial dot vs ExecuteAsTemplate dot (context)

I have this istuation:

As a result it comes out totaly unexpected (same “dot”):

is something that I dont’t understand regarding the ExecuteAsTemplate?

I was expecting that the scss is taking data from the same page.

What does vars.hues.scss look like?

is this one:
I’m planning to extract the hue from color $myImage.Colors


Asking us to troubleshoot from screenshots is not an effective use of your time.

Please post a link to the public repository for your project.

here it is,
the branch is this one: GitHub - cromozooom/calina

Hi there,
I’m sorry, yesterday I passed a branch that didn’t compile.
May be it was late :frowning:

I could explane to you want I’m trying to achive:

  1. I have alist of artworks
  2. Each one has a gallery of images
  3. I will extract the colours from the first image (in ordere to create a filter with AlpineJS)
  4. I try to convert hex color in hsl because I nedd a value for hue (Here is where ExecuteAsTemplate comes in place - is easy to use SCSS in order to perform that - but As you can see the context doesn’t work with scratch and ExecuteAsTemplate)

I’m open to any other solution to make the conversion but it must be at the hugo level as I’m making the filetring with help from list.json

thanks and sorry for starting with screenshots

I find a solution by making this calculation
in hugo template from hex to hsl.
I still want to undrstand the context, in these 2 situation but for the future projects

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