Part of template not rendered

Hi all,
I have a part of a template file that is not rendered at all:

<div class="navbar-dropdown">
    {{ range (where .Pages  "Page.Section" "photos") }}
      {{warnf "%s, URL %s, .IsPage %v" .Page.Title .Page.Permalink .IsPage}}

The enclosing div appears in the HTML output, but none of the spans does. I threw in the warnf line which spits out the correct .Page.Titles. I’ve cleared the browser cache and restarted the hugo server to no avail – the HTML contains just an empty div element.
I’m certainly overlooking something trivial, but what?

The issues seems to be related to my CSS pipeline. After removing minify from it, everything works as expected…

I suspect you want to range through a different collection. Something like:

{{ range where .Site.RegularPages "Section" "photos" }}

I do not see how minify could have caused your problem.

I don’t either. And I’m not one of the guys who closes all windows are reboots their machine just to see if it helps :wink:
The only reason for that behaviour that I can imagine is some kind of interaction between the CSS pipeline and livereload.
I have it working now like so

   {{ range where (where .Site.Pages "Section" "photos") "IsNode" true}}

(since I did not really want the regular pages but really the subsections of photos). Maybe not the best solution, but at least it does what I want.