Paginator.TotalPages and Paginator.TotalNumberofElements

I wish I was drunk

That would explain why I spent the amount of time that I did working with this paginator file.

  • There are three pages stored in a folder on my server.
  • Using a conditional statement, I want my program to behave differently when there’s only one page in the folder.
  • The number of pages to store in the paginator is set to five. Maybe 10. I don’t know, I know it’s greater than one.

It took a great deal of time for me to realize that, in this case, there is only one page stored in .Paginator.TotalPages because what I’m looking at is one paginator page with three elements on it.

Okay, so when you want to access the number of files/pages/elements that are stored in a paginator, utilize the TotalNumberofElements property.

Originally; I thought that the property would bring me the total number of dom elements or something. I don’t know but, yeesh!