Pagination: should _internal be visible?

Have never fooled with pagination before now — thought I’d worry about it when I had more posts on the site — so am going through the official docs as well as some other helpful articles, and keep seeing references to a supposedly default _internal/pagination.html template file; however, my install has no _internal directory, much less such a file. Out of curiosity, I did another Hugo install to a different directory to see if it appeared there, but no joy. Is its appearance dependent upon entries in config.toml? (I did add the Paginate entry to config.toml but saw no change.) Or is it something buried deep in Hugo that’s not intended to be visible?

_internal is within HUGO. no physical directory needed, just add the partial _internal/pagination.html to your template.

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Thanks, @davidsneighbour. I do see the code for that template on GitHub but had hoped this was the answer, since anything else would’ve indicated my Hugo installation process was borked. :slight_smile: