PageGroup pagination not working as expected

The index page to my site ( is written as follows:

If you scroll to the bottom of my current homepage, you can see August 27th has three posts. However, August 27th has 6 posts. Three of them are on the next page for some reason. My understanding was that using .Paginate on .PageGroups would not split on posts, but instead on the groups of pages (in my case, by day).

What am I missing? Is there some default value that I’m hitting up against? Counting posts and days, I can’t quite see that.

I should note I’m using 0.91

The pagination feature does not work that way. The paginate value in your site configuration (default 10) determines the number of pages displayed on a pager, not the number of pages displayed within a group.

Is there no way to say “show 5 .PageGroups before going to the next page?”

No, there is not.