Pagefind 1.x — notable changes

For those who use Pagefind to provide site search, note that Pagefind 1.x has been released with one breaking change and a few deprecations:


I’ve been using it on this project and it’s working quite well, if anyone wants an example of it in action: GitHub - spotlightpa/colab-sources: Amplify Colorado Diverse Source Guide aims to ensure that Colorado’s local and statewide news coverage is more equitable and better reflects the communities it serves..

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How would you manage this if you never build the site locally? For example, I add content locally but push to a git afterwards, and the site builds on server with a post-receive script. Thanks!

I’m not sure I understand the question, but it runs yarn build:prod on a Netlify server every time you push a change. In local dev you run yarn pagefind-dev when you want to update the search index.